Salon privé

"An unforgettable meeting"

Romain and Stephane welcome you to their exclusive Salon, Connivence, in Bordeaux.

This unique Salon has been created with meticulous attention to detail, a place of creativity and elegance.

How important is the perfect haircut and style?

Do we have to follow fashion, or should we look deeper at our own needs and imagination?

A haircut is not just a haircut, nor is a hair colour a simple choice.

Romain and Stephane understand that our hair helps us project the way we see ourselves; it is intrinsic not only to how the world sees us, but how we want to be perceived by those around us.

We like to think that when we “style” a person we are complementing their personality, highlighting their strengths and allure. We are revealing a person’s individual style. It can create an “aura”: the undefinable something that makes each person special.

Romain and Stephane have created this concept of a hairstyle completing a person’s wellbeing from their experience of working with clients over time.

This private Salon welcomes each client as an individual; we reject the idea of a simple “makeover” or of simply adopting the current “fashion”. Instead we aim to share our experience and creativity so that together we can create the ideal hairstyle for each person…

Read the Romain's Bio

Romain's Bio

When I discovered hairdressing it was an utter revelation - I was only about 13 or 14 and had volunteered as a hairdressing model for a hairdresser’s exam. I was at that age of discovery when we are hungry for everything…

Later, I was inspired by a master stained glass artist and teacher, a man well-known in Japan, who encouraged and refined my tastes in art. I worked in charcoal, ink and graphite, often leaning towards a “darker” side because the absence of colour in my life was reflected in my work. My hands expressed the lack of joy in my life in the work they created. For ten years, my professional life was filled with false hopes, superficial promises and isolation even within a group.

Then, at last, the miraculous meeting! The meeting of a lifetime: an entrepreneur, a businessman, in short, an amazing man: Stephane.

And so, the adventure began: professionally, artistically and personally; finally the planets aligned!

And now it is my pleasure to make you happy so that you can benefit from alI that I have learnt.

Read the Stephane's Bio

Stephane's Bio

For as long as I can remember, hairdressing has been my vocation.

I didn’t initially choose this profession, because at the time, it was regarded as a dead end, for academic failures. But it chose me anyway. A vocation takes root, no matter the circumstances. I have my mother to thank for my enthusiasm to learn and to teach; but I have no idea where my business savvy comes from: instinct perhaps. Certainly I have benefitted from the friendship of some exceptional people, notably Jacques who helped me navigate my own personal history and illuminated my path forward and then Romain, who has become my most loyal companion along the way: a genius of both hairdressing and management, a magician when it comes to Beauty.

This bond, the sum of our individual talents has created something new, something greater: CONNIVENCE.

Our vision of hairdressing falls outside the dictates of fashion, of superficial passing fads.

We will be your guide to help you reveal all your hidden beauty, to recharge your vitality, reawaken creativity, to show you the blossoming of a new self-fulfilment. Our approach to sharing experiences is how we enrich each encounter, and I am grateful to you for the opportunity to guide your journey to a beautiful you.

An extraordinary place

La Suite... Connivence Bordeaux,

“One of the most beautiful addresses in France”

Our discreet entrance, featuring subdued lighting…only for the cognisant.

At Connivence, we have reinvented the experience of simply “going to the hairdresser”.

The Salon features all the most innovative technology “connected” mirrors created for hairdressing. In addition, you will find wireless earbuds, immersive acoustics and a host of multimedia at your disposal: all your favourite films, series, magazines and newspapers…making your experience a treat for all your senses.

The Salon is furnished with our special “meridiennes” : designed for comfort and putting an end to neck pain and our “crowning glory”, the water that cascades from the ceiling to gently bathe the hair, not only to relax the senses, but to create the perfect conditions (for colour treatments, conditioning treatments and shampoos) to awaken the natural shine and beauty of your hair!

Connivence offers you unique savoir-faire and above all quality and sophistication.

While our waterfall delicately soothes, you will simultaneously be surrounded by art and design created with just you in mind…from the illuminated ceiling to the secrets of our brand “Connivence” and the story of an unforgettable encounter and meeting.

Are you ready to have the Connivence Experience? We’re looking forward to meeting you…


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